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Everyone has a style story, and like most women, mine is filled with memories of the most important women in my life. As a little girl, I loved playing dress-up in my mother's and grandmother’s closets. I would stand in my mom’s high heels with glistening necklaces draped around my neck for hours on end. Each piece was uniquely beautiful and told a story. I carefully took in every element of the design. I loved the feel, the weight, the shine. I felt so elegant and stylish; I didn't want it to end. Looking back, I can see that these moments collectively shaped my sense of style.

I am still transported to those childhood moments when I find a beautiful necklace to wear or source the perfect trinket for my home. Our personal style and our home's decor are the language we use to tell the world who we are. I believe everyone should feel amazing when telling their style story, so I have strived to create a line of products that is affordable yet lasting. I first imagined bespoke pieces made with only the best materials, evoking the timelessness and artistry of previous generations, with a fresh twist. I've since worked to develop a brand that combines exceptional quality and design with extraordinary value, because I believe everyone should be able to afford to live a stylish life.