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butterfly print



Original hand-painted bejeweled butterflies in watercolor and ink by Scottish artist Anna McNeil. When Krista first discovered Anna’s artwork, was immediately struck by their bold, abstract beauty.  After many conversations with Anna, both realized that they have a profound connection through butterflies; Krista through the loss of her mother, and Anna through the loss of her father.  Anna began painting unconsciously and fluidly after her father’s passing.  The result?  These butterflies, which she calls the AMOMA Project.  Krista began seeing butterflies everywhere after her mother’s passing and took this as an affirmation that her mother would always be with her.  The AMOMA butterfly paintings are about lightness, the ephemeral and the collective.  Every painting is unique and original. We love them in pairs or use several to create a wall full of color and positive energy.

  • hand painted watercolor
  • original art work
  • made in scotland
  • 5x7